Twisted Showcast 5

This one is a bit late. Sorry about that. 

Twisted Podcast 4 - Live from the set of The No Hotline

Twisted Podcast 3 - Sell Me A Movie

We're on to the 3rd episode of our podcast. A loose chat about movies we're trying to convince the other and you to watch. Have a listen and send in your thoughts.


Twisted Podcast 2 - Best of January and Oscar chat

The return of the Twisted Podcast

When we began the series, nearly 5 years ago on March 1st 2012 we accompanied the first series with a series of podcasts. We discussed films, and the series itself. Which we're attempting again here but in a shorter, sharper form. Each episode should be between 10 and 15 minutes long. 

In this first episode of the return we discuss which films we're looking forward to during 2017. Please message us with what films you're looking forward to. We also discuss the upcoming shoot for The No Hotline starring Norman Lovett, and we open up the naming of the podcast to you, the fans of Twisted Showcase. We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes, which will include more movie talk, behind the scenes news, and interviews.

Without further a do here's the episode