Peter And Paul Behind The Scenes Pic!

So, I was looking through some random photos and stumbled across this little picture.

This was taken, by myself, after filming when we had Gareth doing the lines for Peter. As you can see everyone is very interested in what the strange voice has to say:

What's also visible here, if you look closely is Gareth's discarded jeans. Can you see them?



Behind the Scenes Peter and Paul.

Peter & Paul - Alternate ending?

 Is this an alternate ending for the Twisted Showcase episode Peter & Paul? Or could it be the scene that Gareth David Lloyd was discussing in his interview with Cult Box when he said "I really enjoyed doing a comedy version of one of the scenes at the end of the day."

How about rewatching the episode then watching this, a great example of how much fun Gareth David Lloyd is to work with.


Peter And Paul Commentary

Hello People!

Leigh here with our first bit of real bonus footage from the series!

Down below is an embedded (and link to download) commentary to be played alongside Peter And Paul.

This will give you an insight into what Robin, Rhys and myself think of the film. Unfortunately Gareth was not available for the commentary but we can't have everything!

So, I guess all I can say is; enjoy the clip. Stay tuned for more extras coming up this week as well as the next episode, Eyeball, being released Thursday!





Welcome to Twisted Showcase. 

Twisted Showcase, a new 5 part anthology web series, is a mixture of self-contained horror, drama, psychological thriller and comedy.

The series launches on March 1st with Peter & Paul starring Gareth David Lloyd.

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