Twisted Podcast 2 - Best of January and Oscar chat

The return of the Twisted Podcast

When we began the series, nearly 5 years ago on March 1st 2012 we accompanied the first series with a series of podcasts. We discussed films, and the series itself. Which we're attempting again here but in a shorter, sharper form. Each episode should be between 10 and 15 minutes long. 

In this first episode of the return we discuss which films we're looking forward to during 2017. Please message us with what films you're looking forward to. We also discuss the upcoming shoot for The No Hotline starring Norman Lovett, and we open up the naming of the podcast to you, the fans of Twisted Showcase. We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes, which will include more movie talk, behind the scenes news, and interviews.

Without further a do here's the episode

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Night Killer title sequence

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Night Killer poster

Virtual Exhibition Tour


We were foolish idiots. We wanted to make a modern anthology show, like The Twilight Zone but focusing on modern anxieties, mixing the domestic and the uncanny. We wanted to be able to cast big names who would draw in a fanbase to the show. We wanted each episode to be unique, different but we also wanted it all to feel part of the whole. We wanted to reach out to others around the world to be a part of the show and be a true Showcase of strange, bizarre talents. And how were we going to achieve this? We had no idea.We'd only ever made a short film together, that we starred in, was cobbled together in a few hours, and was bloody awful. But somehow throughout 2011 and early 2012 we created Series 1 of Twisted Showcase, which launched on St Davids Day 2012 with Peter & Paul starring Torchwood's Gareth David Lloyd. By the end of the first series we found ourself being named in the TOP 25 WEB TV SHOWS by The Guardian newspaper alongside Joss Whedon, David Lynch, John Woo. We were the only British independent web series featured (the only other British series featured was Reeves and Mortimer).If we were a band, being named top 25 in the world by a national newspaper would have led to meteoric success. Or if we'd made a feature film being named top 25 in the world would have led to a huge success. But, we were operating in a new medium, before Netflix hit the UK, before BBC3 went online, we were making web content and with no marketing budget ,struggling to get out there despite our success.Maybe we were held back by our contrariness. After gaining acclaim we released an improvised slapstick comedy, just to differentiate ourselves from our horror beginnings. Avoiding pigeon holing could work against us, but it has always been our ethos to push at the edges of what Twisted Showcase is, whislt retaining it's core.So we have worked with Gareth David Lloyd again, Norman Lovett from Red Dwarf, Doctor Who's Weeping Angel Sarah Louise Madison, a host of great writers with BAFTA winning writers joining our ranks for Series 4. We've hosted a series of the best weird films on the web with TWISTED SHOWCASE PRESENTS..., we've launched an e book of short stories, with another volume of them on the way, and now we have this exhibition, and live show, featuring our very best episodes and headlined by Norman Lovett.So, what is Twisted Showcase? The question we're always asked and never have a good answer for. Defining it could ruin it. It's a web series, it's a style of story, it mixes the domestic and the uncanny, but also it's none of those things, it's an e book, it's an exhibition, it's whatever it wants to be, it's different every time, it's modern and deals with releavant issues of mental illness, depression, the anonymity of the internet, payday loans, but it's also silly, featuring childish humour, larger than life situations, characters. It's traditional being a throw back to Tales of the Unexpected and The Twilight Zone, but hopefully it's also something new, like nothing you've ever seen or experienced before.

Welcome to our world.