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Twisted Showcase Quiz

To celebrate series 3 we have a big whopping Twisted quiz.

14 questions to really test your knowledge of our show. The winner gets a signed script from Gareth David Lloyd and the co creators of Twisted showcase. Signed pictures of Gareth David Lloyd. Twisted Showcase flyers, and any other goodies from the show that we can dig up.


So here's the questions. Get to work!


What is the name of Paul's wife in the film Peter & Paul?

What is written on the hanging man drawing in Fear of Living?

What is the first line of Eyeball?

What TV show appears in Eyeball?

Why should you be afraid of the Night Killer in the Idiots Guide to Murder?

Who is Night Killer's favourite serial killer?

On what date does Audrey die in Press Play?

What was the last line in Clone Alone?

What is the pattern around Sara's mirror in Something at the Top of the stairs?

What are the numbers on the first box you see in Payback?

What was the name of the band that Malcolm gets a facebook alert about?

What are the two ingredients in Toilet Soup?

What's the best thing about Bermuda shorts in The Drugs Don't Work?

What book is Freddie reading in Confession?


Leave your answers in the comments

Twisted Showcase Drugs Advice

Secateurs - TEMP

If you watched our Series 3 trailer you'd have heard She lost her Mind by The Secateurs, and the brilliant 3 piece band have a new single out, TEMP. Here's the video for it, it's fantastic. If you like it why not go and support all things Twisted Showcase and go and purchase it for £2 from here

Norman Lovett Interview 

 What aspects of Toilet Soup drew you to the project?

The weirdness and the truthfulness, but mainly being in the lavatory.

Have you ever known or witnessed any bizarre toilet attendants?

Not really, they have all been pretty normal so far but I know I will one day.

Before being part of Twisted Showcase, were you a fan of the old anthology series like tales of the unexpected, Twilight Zone etc?

I wouldn't say a fan but I quite like them.

This isn't as a comedic role as we're used to seeing you in, do you relish playing something different?

Yes but it has to be a bit odd.

Any memories of the shoot you'd like to share?

The camera man kept calling everyone dude which made me smile as it's even funnier in a Welsh accent.

With the way the internet seems to be going, the constant tales you hear of misogyny and trolling, and the recent leaked photos debacle do you think Malcolms story is an extreme example of a reaction or not anymore?

I just wish the internet was around earlier and then Jimmy Savile would have gone to prison and got his comeuppance.

What's next for you Norman? Got anything coming up you can tell us about?

I'm doing a handful of shows around the country and you can see them on my website at 

And I bet you get asked this all the time, but on the off chance we can get an exclusive, will you be going back to Red Dwarf anytime in the future?

 I don't know but I'm the right age for the character now.