The No Hotline - 7th November

When Time Catches Up - Tuesday 17th October

Muscle Memory - Tuesday October 10th

Be My Head - Tuesday October 3rd

Twisted Showcase Series 1-3 DVD

You can now pre order a very special set that contains every episode of Series 1-3 of Twisted Showcase. Have them to own forever on DVD so you can have binge sessions watching them, or skip to your favourite episodes again and again. The DVD can be purchased for £15 in the UK, and £22 overseas to cover costs.

This will be a limited edition release, we'll only make what pre orders we receive. The DVD's will ship in September. As a bonus if we reach a certain amount of pre orders we will also create a special bonus disc to go with the release. Proceeds from the DVD will go towards funding our one minute horror series so please do try to help. There's a trailer below to remind you of the Twisted goodness.

UK -£15 REST OF WORLD -£22


UK or Rest of World