Twisted Showcase Script Call Out

We are looking for scripts for series 2 of anthology horror series Twisted Showcase, scripts that marry the ordinary and the weird, the mundane and the unknown.

The scripts need to be between 5-7 pages, the weirder the better.

No special effects, the cheaper to film the better, it’s all about strong concepts- something that if you saw it on the net you’d HAVE to watch. (not porn)

Small scale – not many characters or locations.

The best advice for the script call out would be to watch all the series 1 episodes to get a handle the tone, which is quite varied, leaving a lot of scope for some brilliant scripts that could become a brilliant episode of Twisted Showcase.

We also discuss the script call out in Episode 1 of Twisted Showcast, downloadable from this site.

Please send scripts to

Deadline April 20th

Untruths Podcast (Twisted Showcase Series One)

Gareth David-Lloyd Interview

The star of the first episode 'Peter And Paul' Gareth David-Lloyd did an interview with CultBox that went up today. You can read the interview here. In it he talks about his role in Twisted Showcase, whats next for him and his work on Torchwood and Warehouse 13.

Have a read and get yourself ready for Twisted Showcase, the first episode 'Peter & Paul' will launch tomorrow, right here so be sure to check back with us tomorrow!



Twisted Showcase in the News


To celebrate reaching 1,000 views of our series trailer on You Tube we are launching a Twisted Showcase competition.

The prize is an exclusive still from Episode 1 Peter & Paul e mailed to you. No one else will have this still so it's up to you what you do with it. Keep it to yourself or share it with people on Twitter/ Facebook, or wherever you fancy.

To win this we want you to go on Twitter and guess the first word in the opening episode. To guess make sure you include your answer and the #twistedshowcase hashtag. You can have as many guesses as you like, but be quick the competition closes Midday Sunday (tomorrow).