Twisted Showcase Appeal - Race for Life 

Heidi Ashley, the girlfriend of Robin Bell from Twisted Showcase, and driver on a few shoots for the showcase as well as script reader on many a dodgy first draft script, is running the Race for Life in order to raise money for Cancer Research.

The last year has been quite tough after her Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she has spent every second she could going home to help. She is running for her Mum in Walsall on the 10th June and all of us at Twisted Showcase would be grateful if you could sponsor her.

To sponsor please click here

Thank you.

Guardian guide - Top 25 must see web TV shows

Here at Twisted Showcase we were mightily pleased and more than a little blown away by being included in the Guardian Guide's 25 web TV shows that you must see list.

The list is full of huge names, and then us, so a huge thank you to the writers and whoever discovered out weird little show over at the Guardian guide. It is very much appreciated.

Here is the article:

25 Web TV Shows you Must See

Twisted Showcase Merchandise!

Leigh here again!

Last night we launched the first item in our Twisted Showcase store!

You can see and buy the shirt over at the 'Store' at the the top!

We will be adding more stuff over time and we'll let you know when these become available!

That's it for now, so go ahead and buy your shirts! Once you do and get it, send us a picture of you in the shirt and we'll post them all together on the website so people can see the Twisted Army in full gear!


Speak soon


Seires 2 Meeting 1!

'Sup Twisted Army! Leigh here.

As some of you may know, we managed to have a production meeting earlier this week, during which we managed to bang out some of the problems we had over the course of series 1.

So, you may start to notice some changes coming to the series, website, podcast and how we generally go about doing this.

Don't worry! Twisted Showcase will still be the same series you've come to know and love, all we want to do is improve what we are doing, as a certain producer says: It's going to be more of the same. But better.

I can't give you any details right now. We're having a second meeting to pick our favourite scripts and what we are gonna do in a few weeks (Remember the deadline is the 20th of April and you can send a script here)

That's pretty much everything I can say right now, I'll keep giving you updates over the next few months until we launch series 2.

And now: What we do at meetings!


We'll give you another update after the script meeting, until then though, one bit of news I do have for you...


Every 2 weeks, we're gonna switch up the episodes on the home page. Starting with this Tuesday we're gonna put a different video on our home page, so keep coning back to see what's happening!


Twisted Showcase Script Call Out

We are looking for scripts for series 2 of anthology horror series Twisted Showcase, scripts that marry the ordinary and the weird, the mundane and the unknown.

The scripts need to be between 5-7 pages, the weirder the better.

No special effects, the cheaper to film the better, it’s all about strong concepts- something that if you saw it on the net you’d HAVE to watch. (not porn)

Small scale – not many characters or locations.

The best advice for the script call out would be to watch all the series 1 episodes to get a handle the tone, which is quite varied, leaving a lot of scope for some brilliant scripts that could become a brilliant episode of Twisted Showcase.

We also discuss the script call out in Episode 1 of Twisted Showcast, downloadable from this site.

Please send scripts to

Deadline April 20th