Twisted Showcase Presents...

Halloween! It's a great time of year, and this year made all the better by the first episode of Twisted Showcase Presents... being unveiled.

Earlier in the year we searched the entire country (put a film call out) for the best in short Twisted entertainment that we're known to bring you. This is the first time we're presenting what we consider to be the best in Twisted Entertainment and it starts on HALLOWEEN.

Keep checking for more details.

New cast news for Series 3

We're delighted to announce that today we have achieved our crowd funding goal. But don't worry there is still 8 days to be part of this and to make sure you see the episodes before everyone else here

We'd also like to announce another bit of casting news for Series 3 - in the episode currently titled THE LAST CONFESSION we have rising star Sarah Louise Madison, who has appeared in Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection and The Amityville Asylum, and was the terrifying Weeping Angel in Doctor Who in the episodes Time of the Angels, Flesh & Stone and the angels of Manhattan, and was the Time Zombie is Journey to the Centre of the Tardis. Check out her IMDB page here


We're hugely excited by this news. Expect more Series 3 announcements in the coming months. 

Series 3 Teaser

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Crowdfund continues

Twisted Showcase is the most popular film project on Sponsume. Thanks for viewing the page everyone. But, we need your help. Please back this project so we caqn make the episodes Payback, Toilet soup and more a reality.


Also if you're following our Gareth David Lloyd quiz here's question 3.


What was Gareth's first line in Torchwood?

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