Series Three Launch Episode -- PAYBACK

First episode of Twisted Showcase Series 3 will be PAYBACK, which stars Gareth David Lloyd. Below is the first image from the episode, Gareth is on the phone but this time it’s not his hand. Keep an eye on the site, more images to follow soon.


Cardiff Mini Film Festival 

We are very pleased to announce that Toilet Soup, starring Norman Lovett, has been picked to show at the Cardiff Mini Film Festival Comedy Event on July 27th. It will be held in Cardiff at the Chapter Arts Centre in the theatre space, it kicks off at 8pm. Tickets are £6. More information can be found here


Q & A pictures from Twisted Showcase panel at Wales Comic Con

Firstly a huge thank you to all who came to our panel, Jaime and all the organisers at Wales Comic Con and Rob for hosting our panel. 

We had a grea time discussing the genesis of the series, the upcoming series, some stories of the shoot, some great funny lines from our cast and we plugged away. So hopefully now you're here on the site, and here's some pictures from the Q&A.




Twisted Showcase Q&A at Wales Comic Con

This sunday Twisted Showcase will be at Wales Comic Con. There is a planned Q&A at 11:45 featuring the creators, writers and producers Robin Bell and Rhys Jones. But the big draw will be Gareth David Lloyd, Norman Lovett and Sarah Louise Madison.


We hope to see you there.

Twisted Showcase presents... THE FRAISER WERP

Week two of Twisted Showcase Presents.

Hope you liked TRUST ME last week. As is usually the case with Twisted Showcase it's something completely different for the second episode of Twisted Showcase Presents... tomorrow. It's a first for us at Twisted Showcase and will hopefully make your day, if not week.

It's called THE FRAISER WERP and it's by Paul Marshall. 

Heres a brief snippet of what to expect: 'The Fraiser Werp' is  about a creature of which we choose to deny it's very existence due to, amongst other things, it's implausibility.

It's the first animated Twisted Showcase episode, be here for it's genius tomorrow.