Twisted Showcase Fan Club

We're very excited to launch our Patreon page, where you can join the Twisted Showcase Fan Club for regular Q&A's and other bonuses and to support our writing. The site will be updated with short stories, serialised fiction and of course our one minute horror series, as well as some other very exciting things that are planned. This is your way yo show your appreciation, be a part of it and ensure it is ongoing.

Visit the page here: Fan Club

As a bit of fun in the run up to Christmas there will be 300 word stories updated onto the site everyday, there will be a big launch for the fan club in January, this is your chance to be an early adopter.

Let's make 2016 Twisted.

One Minute Horrors - Writing Opportunity

Series 4  which will feature an episode directed by and starring Gareth David Lloyd, an episode written by BAFTA winning writer Debbie Moon alongside more surprises yet to be revealed,  has a week to go on it's KICKSTARTER  But in exciting news we're also launching a spin off to the series to be shown in the lead up to series 4 called ONE MINUTE HORRORS.

Which is exactly what it says it is.

It'll feature a great cast and be an accessible viewing experience whether in the safety of your lunch hour or for the more strong hearted horror hounds right before you go to bed. At one minute long, it's a quick scare you can fit it in wherever you want and scare yourself and your friends silly with repeat viewings.

In even more exciting news YOU can get your ideas made by Twisted Showcase. YOU can get an IMDB credit as a writer for this series made by the producers of the Guardian top 25 web TV show. 

We're looking for one minute long horror scripts, quick set ups and scares.

Minimal cast and locations. 

An idea that fits with the Twisted Showcase style.

More psychological in its scares than gore.

The deadline date will be December 3rd. 

To enter send a PDF of your completed one page script along with a Writing CV to

By submitting you are allowing us to produce and distribute the the script. In return you will be credited as the writer and get an IMDB credit for the episode. We're hoping to be able to choose a few scripts to be made for the series. It's a challenge to set up and scare within a page - good luck!

We look forward to you terrifying us!

Debbie Moon writing an episode for Series 4

BAFTA winning writer and Wolfblood creator Debbie Moon is to write episode for the fourth series of Twisted Showcase

Twisted Showcase, due to be released in 2016, is to feature an episode entitled Muscle Memory which has been scripted by BAFTA winning writer Debbie Moon. A crowd funding campaign to raise funds for the production of the series was launched last week, and has already reached 3/4 of its goal.

Debbie Moon commented: "Twisted Showcase is a fantastic opportunity to reach an engaged, passionate audience who love horror, who love the short film medium and enjoy a good scare!"

The link to Kickstarter, where you will find a message from Gareth David Lloyd, who is making his directorial debut for the series is here -

Series 4 Kickstarter

Let's start with the big news, Gareth David Lloyd is back for Series 4 of Twisted Showcase. This time not only is he starring, he is also directing the episode. Today sees the launch of the crowdfund campaign to raise funds for the production of the series.

Fans old and new can support the campaign here and watch a special message from Gareth David-Lloyd on what to expect from the brand new episodes.

As with previous series, Twisted Showcase series 4 will draw on a range of modern anxieties to offer unique, stand alone insstallments, each offering something new and different to shock, amaze and entertain. Keep tuned to our twitter account @twistedshowcase and here for announcements regarding cast, directors and writers over the next few weeks.

Gareth David Lloyd commented "I love the horror genre and I am always looking for opportunities to help showcase new talent. I couldn't resist the offer to star in and direct an episode of series four. Web drama is such a fertile ground and I feel very much part of the future - help support Twisted Showcase and you can be part of that future too!"

Twisted Showcase writer, Robin Bell, said "I'm still amazed at how far Twisted Showcase has come, from fumblinf through our early films with a half broken camera and a crew of two, to seeing brilliant, respected actors making their directorial debut in our series. With every series our ambition has grown, while retaining our trademark of psychological terror within the confines of a small budget. As with anything in Twisted Showcase though, the achievement of dreams is accompanies by a nightmare, and that is funding the series. There's no easy way around this, but if the series is to happen we really need your help to make it a reality.”

The Kickstarter campaign can be found via the following link:

Story Collection SALE

Good news for you, if you like inventive, scary and weird stories that is. 

Our first collection is on sale at Amazon for just 99p, but onlt for this week in the lead up to our second collection of stories being made available on June 2nd. Go grab yourself a bargain. It'll be the best £1 you've ever spent, with a penny change.

If you've already purchased the collection you'll know how good it is and this is your chance to look cool and convince someone that this is the best pound they will ever spend. You look amazingly cool and they get some great stories. We're all winners.