Twisted Showcase Story Collection

We're really happy to announce our first short story collection. The collection is available on Amazon, and features 8 twisted tales, and a very special foreword from Gareth David Lloyd that tells the story of how he came to be in Twisted Showcase.

Here's a bit of information on the stories included:

Consumers of the Dead - A bleak zombie story from Robin Bell, which takes place after the zombie outbreak. A tale of explotation, betrayal and power. 

Sphere of the Witch - Another by Robin Bell, which follows the story of a sphere, that has an incredible power. We start the tale at the Witch Trials, but you'll never guess where this one is going.

Mould Begone - Rhys Jones tells us a tale of obsession, relationship woes, the things that fester over time and cleaning. This is bottled Twisted Showcase, you're gonna love it.

Baby Demon -  A really Twisted childrens story, about accepting a new baby into your family, even when he is the devil.

The Attic - If you get through this one with your nerves intact you're made of stronger stuff than us. Robin Bell delivers a slow build of tension with revelations that build up to what's in The Attic.

Fear of Death - Go behind the scenes to the strange story of what happened after we made one of our films, this is a sequel to Fear of Living.

Zombie, like me - The second Zombie story of the collection, this one a much sweeter one from Rhys Jones.

Christmas Spirit - What would a Twisted Showcase christmas be like. Here's a Christmas gift of a story that gives you an insight into a true Twisted Christmas. 



EMPTY SOFA - September 30th

Tuesday sees the launch of the 5th and final episode of Series 3, Empty Sofa.  This episode is a celebration of all things Twisted Showcase, so to make sure you get the most out of this episode its a good idea to go back and revisit Twisted Showcase from the very beginning. 

CONFESSION - September 23rd

This Tuesday see the 4th episode of series 3 released, Confession. The episode stars Sarah Louise Madison, best known for playing the Weeping Angel in Doctor Who and appearing in the upcoming Cops & Monsters. 


Joanne, young and recently married, films a typical day of her married life with Freddie, and she has a Confession to make that no one will listen to, except YOU.


The Drugs Don't Work - September 16th

This week sees us launch the third episode of the series, The Drugs Don't Work. A genre bending buddy-horror film, this twisted tale about best friends Jack and Jeremy, a pair of students whose sweet relationship is put to the test during what was meant to be  a profound and momentous night for them, the first time they are to take an acid trip together. What was supposed to be a bit of fun is anything but, as their night includes dissapointment, an angry drug dealer and a ghost from the 80s. 


Toilet Soup - September 9th

Below is the poster for the second episode of Twisted Showcase Series 3, TOILET SOUP, which continues our journey into the weird, and is out on Tuesday September 9th.

Toilet Soup is a pitch black comedy starring Red Dwarf's Norman Lovett, who oozes bitterness and menace as a narcissistic toilet assistant who just wants you to learn to think! 

The legendary comedians affinity and passion for the subject dealt with in Toilet Soup, which is an uncompromising attack on internet trolls and general ignorance, gives the episode a powerful authenticity that you don't want to miss!