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Walk by Robin Bell

Headaches, pulses in his leg, pain in his chest, a middle aged spread which was beginning to spread further, an escalating list of allergies, acid reflux and being generally unwell. 

That's what preoccupied, Alex, day upon day, and if he followed these thoughts to their bitter conclusion it always resulted in death. 

He'd decided to walk, to try to keep fit. Exercise didn't agree with him, it made him ache, he was sure that was the point but it wasn't for him. Dieting was a no go area too, he loved his food too much. 

So he walked, as much as he could, around his village. 

He crossed the road outside his house, onto a field which was overlooked by two mountains, the peaks of which were covered in snow. The grass was a bit muddy underfoot but he carefully kept his footing across it to a small pathway, covered by trees either side. The trees were bare, with no leaves, they looked dead, and Alex thought about how long they had been there, how long their roots delved underground.  

Alex came out from the narrow pathway and walked uphill and around the corner. A gang of children walked past, swearing and kicking a football.  

He walked on past the post office and around another corner to a small road. He had to step into the side a few times to let cars past, and he stopped at the bridge to overlook the train tracks. He smiled when he saw a train approaching in the distance and laughed as it tooted it's horn as it went under the bridge. 

Alex ran across the road to watch it ebb away into the distance on the other side. 

Alex then walked on. He liked walking, it made him forget about all his worries.

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    You do best robin bell its good that you decided to walk its true that sometimes we don't exercise because its really hurts us we feel pain. So its good that we do walk rather then exercise. So due to your post many people know that we must walk its good ...
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