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Cartoon by Rhys Jones

Richard had bought himself a carton dog. It was very colourful and just the sight of it made him laugh. But it was also a nightmare to live with. The dog was called Tex, and Tex was a Cartoon Cowboy Dog. It wore a Stetson and carried around two comically large guns and was always chewing Tabaco and spitting everywhere. Richard suspected he’d made a mistake buying the dog almost as soon as he had got it home. 

At night Tex would keep Richard awake with the sound of spurs jingling and jangling and intermittent shouting of yeehaw. But it wasn’t until Tex stared to shoot up the house Richard knew for sure he’d made a mistake. A big one.  

“What the hell are you doing?” Richard cried.  

“I thought I spied me a varmint,” Tex said, then added, “help me track it down, I need you to be my deputy.” 

Richard rolled his eyes, “I’m trying to sleep. You can’t shoot my house up! Stop it or you’re going right back to the shop.”    

Tex holstered his guns, he spat out Tobacco coloured spit and eyeballed Richard, “Why you yellow bellied gutless turd. I’m not the one leaving, you are.”  

This wasn’t what Richard had expected when he’d got himself a Cartoon Cowboy Dog. He’d thought it would be good, funny even, a great icebreaker at parties and something to show off to his friends.  

Tex was a quick draw. It was over in a flash.  

Two gun shots blared and Richard was blown off his feet.  

He lay there in a pool of his own blood, as the life ebbed out his body he had just enough to time to think one last thing.  

Should have researched buying this dog a bit better.  

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